Valentina Data Reports Bundle For REALbasic Available


March 23, 2004. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software, makers of the
Valentina line of database products and On-Target Reports, Inc, makers of
dbReports Professional, announce a limited time, special offer for
developers of REALbasic, in honor of REAL Software=92s RealWorld 2004

REALbasic developers can purchase Valentina for REALbasic (MacOS or
Windows), regularly $199, and dbReports Professional (MacOS or Windows),
regularly $199, together, for $299. The special offer begins today and ends
April 2, 2004.

=93REALbasic 5.5 takes you to the next level when you=92ve exhausted the
application possibilities of a database product like FileMaker Pro,=94 said
Aaron Bratcher, president of On-Target Reports, Inc. =93With Valentina
underneath, you can manage hundreds of thousands of records with remarkable
speed and robustness.=94

Aaron Bratcher is also a featured speaker at the REALWorld 2004 conference
in Austin, Texas.

dbReports Professional is an easy to use report generator and designer that
supports many popular database formats on MacOS and Windows. The
Professional version includes special runtime classes for REALbasic
developers so that they can integrate the templates they make in their
REALbasic applications.

=93Real businesses need tools that are familiar, easy to use and can readily
draw on and display business data in a meaningful and reliable way.
REALbasic 5.5 now has a great presentation layer in On-Target Report=92s
dbReports Professional,=94 said Ruslan Zasukhin, Founder of Paradigma

Valentina for REALbasic is the fastest, most robust solution for developing
database applications using REAL Software=92s flagship product, REALbasic.
With an advanced object-relational approach to database development and
familiar SQL syntax, Valentina products employ the same interface for
working with all major development platforms for MacOS and Windows, from
REALbasic to .net.

The Valentina Data Reports Bundle is available from the On-Target Reports
website at

About Paradigma Software

Founded in 1998, Paradigma Software develops the ultra-fast Valentina
database kernel, the core of its line of database products for designers and
developers. Paradigma solutions are available for every major development
environment on the Windows and Macintosh platforms. For additional
information, visit the Paradigma Software website at

About On-Target Reports, Inc

On-Target Reports, Inc makes dbReports and dbReports Professional, the
easiest way to extract and display database information from the most
popular databases on Windows and Macintosh. On-Target Reports envisions
making complex data accessible and meaningful, for business users and
developers. For additional information, visit the On-Target Reports website