CHICAGO, IL — March 22, 2004 — Ascending Technologies today
announces that it will be offering free systems reviews for FileMaker Pro
5 and 6 customers.

“FileMaker Pro 7 was released last week, and it’s received an enormous
amount of positive coverage in the press. But is it for everyone on week
one? Maybe,” said Steve Abrahamson, founder of Ascending Technologies.
“We’ve been working closely with FileMaker, Inc. on this release for
about a year and a half, and it’s just a fantastic product, but it’s so
different that not everyone can just go jump in. We want to help as many
customers as we can to form an intelligent strategy that’s right for
them. That’s why we’re doing this now; we want to make sure that
customers who rely on FileMaker Pro can make a good transition and avoid
potentially losing a lot of time, and enduring great frustration, by
converting prematurely.”

FileMaker Pro 7 can convert most older files, but it’s a very different
structure than in previous versions, and the conversion routines cannot
possibly take into account everything. Ascending Technologies along with
other industry leading developers have studied the issues in depth, and
are aware of the pitfalls.

“Everyone’s doing something to help,” said Abrahamson. “Some of our
colleagues are running seminars; we’re taking a one-on-one approach.”

Free system evaluations are available for a limited time; contact
Ascending Technologies directly for more information.

Ascending Technologies is a developer of custom solutions and the proud
developer of the Monster family of products, including
PerformanceMonster, ThemeMonster, and the widely acclaimed flagship
product, CalendarMonster.

Contact: Steve Abrahamson
(312) 663-1580