Brighton, England – March 22nd, 2004 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Realmac Software today announced the release of RapidWeaver 2.1.1 for
the Mac. RapidWeaver 2 is a revolutionary web design package allowing
users to design, create and publish web sites faster than ever before.

Despite being fast and simple to use, websites are produced to a
consistantly high standard. With over 20 pre-designed themes to choose
from and more available from purchasable “theme packs” there is a
design to suit everyones need.

“Practically all “simple” web-page-makers are clunky and overburden the
novice user with paragraphs of incomprehensible HTML, overwhelming any
attempts at creativity.” said Daniel Counsell, Director of Realmac
Software Ltd.

RapidWeaver 2, was designed from scratch in cocoa to be as easy as
possible, and more than that, requires not even a vague understanding
of HTML. Users are able to choose and create navigation bars and
buttons from drop down menus then customize as required. One click on
the “export” button and you have a fully functioning site ready to
publish on the internet.

“We believe RapidWeaver 2 is a breakthrough in web design as no direct
HTML editing is required to produce a professional looking website.”
concluded Daniel Counsell.

What’s New in RapidWeaver 2.1.1?
– Fixed crash on document close.
– Fixed problem where theme wouldn’t install.
– Fixed footer cursor movement.
– Fixed accented page title.

RapidWeaver 2 costs $29.95 (USD) for a single user license and $300
(USD) for a 50 user site license. RapidWeaver 2.1.1 is a FREE upgrade
for 2.0 and above users.

For more information, contact Realmac Software by e-mail at or visit:

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