Appligent Releases PowerAppend, PDF Creation and Customization Tool

The PDF software company adds creation to its popular Append/Publishing
Family of software components

Lansdowne, PA, March 9, 2004- Appligent, Inc. (, the
leading provider of Portable Document Format (PDF)-related software
solutions, today announced the release of PowerAppend, the company’s first
application to provide software developers with a single solution for both
creating and customizing PDF documents.

Appligent is integrating Global Graphics Jaws PDF Library along with its
high performance SPDF Library to create PowerAppend, which allows users to
create high quality PDFs from PostScript files. Document publishers can
create PDFs that accurately retain the image quality and display
characteristics of the original PostScript file. PowerAppend also can
customize documents and save them in either PDF or PostScript

PowerAppend is a server-based application that provides a complete solution
for electronic document generation and personalization. PowerAppend can be
used to build compound documents from smaller components, or to split
larger files into easier- to-manage subsets. Developers can automatically
generate a new table of contents from bookmarks, or they can customize
content by overlaying text or images using Appligent’s stamping engine.

“PowerAppend addresses our customer’s needs. They have been asking for a
solution for creating high quality PDF,” said Mark Gavin, Chief Technology
Officer at Appligent. “By licensing Global Graphics we give our developers
access to proven libraries that compliment our existing tools and greatly
decrease our time to market while maintaining the highest quality in the
PDF we produce. Creating well-formed PDF is an enormous advantage for those
customers with complex workflows because it streamlines processing

PowerAppend is the first in a series of Appligent products that will
incorporate PDF creation. Like all Appligent’s components, PowerAppend is
accessible via an XML-based SOAP interface with APConductor or the standard
command line. All applications run on Windows and multiple Unix platforms,
providing flexibility to organizations with heterogeneous environments.
Developers can easily integrate PowerAppend with other Appligent utilities
and applications, such as StampPDF Batch, FDFMerge and SecurSign to build
powerful document processing solutions as part of a production workflow.

PowerAppend is part of Appligent’s Append/Publishing Family of products.
Appligent has six other families covering the spectrum of PDF manipulation
that include Forms Processing, Stamping, Security, Redaction, Utilities and
Web Services.

PowerAppend will be available for purchase at in Q2 2004.
For more information on PowerAppend or for possible discounts on multiple
product purchases or OEM agreements, please contact the Appligent’s sales
team at 610-284-4006 or

About Appligent
Appligent Inc. ( is the leading provider of server-based
tools and plug-ins for the on-demand customization, manipulation, redaction
and delivery of dynamically generated electronic documents. Appligent has a
proven reputation building robust, cross platform, server-based solutions
that are blazingly fast and are compliant with the most obscure and corrupt
variants of the PDF standard. Based in the Philadelphia region, Appligent
has provided PDF-related software applications globally since 1993.
Appligent has seven families covering the spectrum of PDF manipulation:
Appending/Publishing, Forms Processing, Stamping, Security, Redaction,
Utilities and Web Services. The company’s software applications are used in
various industries, including financial services, government, insurance,
banking, manufacturing, legal and pharmaceutical. Appligent is a member of
the Adobe Solutions Network and is a partner of Sun Microsystems,
Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, IBM and Apple.

For more information about Appligent, please contact Grace Alfredo at (610)
642-8253 or

About Global Graphics Software
Global Graphics Software ( is a leading developer
and supplier of sophisticated high performance RIPs, PDF document, workflow
and color solutions mostly to a customer base of Original Equipment
Manufacturers, system integrators and resellers. These partners include the
world’s leading vendors of digital pre-press systems, large-format color
printers, color proofing systems, digital presses, multifunction copiers
and printers for the corporate and SOHO (small office, home office)
markets. Jaws PDF creation tools have been developed since the format’s
inception in 1994.