Brushfire 2 for Mac OS X is now easier to use, more complete, and just as fast.

Calabasas, CA – Mar. 4, 2004 – Chaparral Software & Consulting Services, Inc.
today released Brushfire 2 for Macintosh OS X.

Brushfire 2 is a substantial upgrade to the blazing fast and
well-regarded FileMaker Pro analysis package that adds comprehensive
field, layout, relationship, and dependency analysis reports to its
suite of script analysis capabilities. Brushfire 2 continues to use
HTML as a presentation mechanism, retains its fast performance and
adds many new error and overview reports.

The company reports the Mac OS X version is much easier to set up and
run than prior versions, as well as retaining the speed for which Brushfire
is known.

*** Beta Users Enthusiastic **

Chaparral shared some of its customer’s responses to the new version

“Brushfire 2 is fantastic, it works so well. It’s a dream to process the files”
– Larry Schultz, Apple Computer

“Brushfire 2 did our bloated beast in less than 2 minutes. This rules.
I’m using the stew out of it.”
– Geoff Graham, Renew Life

“I like the report very much. It’s created very fast and it’s very complete.
It is extremely convenient to use and the
interface is good too. Got used to it
very fast. All in all: a great product! Thank you very much.”
– Peter Soetens, Wizz Productions


Brushfire 2 is available immediately on the Macintosh OS X and Macintosh
Classic platforms. Brushfire 2 has a suggested retail price of $279.95 for
a single platform, with a $249.95 limited time discounted price available.
Upgrades from prior versions to Brushfire 2 cost $129.95.

Brushfire 2 for Macintosh classic requires FileMaker Pro 5.0 or
later. Brushfire 2 for Macintosh OS X and Brushfire 2 for Windows
require FileMaker Developer 5.5 or later.

About Chaparral Software (
Brushfire is a product of Chaparral Software & Consulting Services,
Inc., a privately held corporation based in Calabasas, California,
that has been providing custom database consulting and programming
services since 1986. Chaparral publishes leading FileMaker Pro
developer utilities such as EZxslt and Brushfire, and offers specialized
XML/XSLT consulting services and training.

About FileMaker, Inc. (
FileMaker is a leading provider to the growing Web-publishing and
workgroup database markets. FileMaker software lets departments and
teams create databases to manage and track projects, assets and
people. Its award-winning FileMaker line of database software
provides relational power, instant and custom Web publishing and
legendary ease-of-use. FileMaker, Inc. is the database software
subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL).