TOLIS Group has released two new Mac OS X compatible products: TOLIS Tape Tools, a set of data migration utilities, and BRU LE, which offers data backup and recovery services. TOLIS Tape Tools transfer the data contained on tar, cpio or pax-based tapes onto a Mac OS X system and provide native support of all tape technologies, tape formats and tape hardware configurations. The Tools provide tape and library control, plus raw tape read and write access. A single system license costs US$159; volume licenses will be custom quoted. The $129 BRU LE writes to disk-based files (D2D), and supports a variety of target devices including those that are FireWire and USB-connected, as well as all tape drive technology. It also supports any SCSI or Fibre Channel-connected autoloader containing a single tape drive and up to 10 cartridge slots; support for Apple’s SuperDrive is in the works.