Secluda’s AP Intelligent Mail Switch Eliminates False

Mac OS X System Works with E-Mail Filters

Ensures the Delivery of Wanted Mail

EPPING, N.H. (February 19, 2004) – Secluda Technologies today
launched the AP Intelligent Mail Switch an SMTP perimeter-gateway
solution for e-mail productivity. With the company’s existing product
InboxMaster=A8, the AP Intelligent Mail Switch gives IT professionals
greater ability to monitor and mange e-mail environments; improve the
performance and reliability of e-mail applications including anti-spam
filters, virus scanning, and e-mail servers; and prevent false
positives and other problems caused by e-mail filters. 

"The AP Intelligent Mail Switch allows IT professionals to,
inexpensively, solve the problems created by their current e-mail
filters, most importantly the problem of wanted e-mail incorrectly
blocked or delayed due to a false positive reading." said Dave
Breck, Secluda CTO.

Secluda’s first product, InboxMaster, ensured delivery of wanted
e-mail and prevented delivery of unwanted e-mail.  The AP
Intelligent Mail Switch combined with InboxMaster gives e-mail
administrators the fine-tuning ability to meet the individual control
needs of their most critical users while still maintaining e-mail
security and protection, rules compliance, and ensured e-mail delivery
for the rest of the company.

"The AP Intelligent Mail Switch with InboxMaster is a
software product that does exactly what it says it will do; I don’t
think about it and I no longer have a problem with false positives or
unwanted e-mail." reported Dave Costello, IT Director of Expert

The AP Intelligent Mail Switch offers configurable tagging by
message source taking advantage of SmartScreen technology present in
Outlook, soon to be released in Microsoft Exchange.  The AP
Intelligent Mail Switch works equally well with server and desk-top
based e-mail filters.

The AP Intelligent Mail Switch protects networks from e-mail
threats, including DoS, name harvesting, spam attacks, and relay

Secluda’s AP Intelligent Mail Switch runs on Windows, Linux, and
Mac OS X operating systems and is compatible with Lotus Domino,
Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise and all SMTP based e-mail
systems. Pricing is on a user/server basis starting at $195 up to
$3,995 for an unlimited server license.  No filtering, no rule or
filter updates, and no end-user software means low cost and quick

Secluda supplies E-Mail Productivity Tools for IT Professionals,
and resolves difficult e-mail problems. Free evaluation downloads and
more information about the AP Intelligent Mail Switch, InboxMaster,
and e-mail problem resolution is available at (a