Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) today announced a new line of cases and accessories for Apple’s iPod mini. New products include: the Jam Jacket mini (US$19.99), which features a built-in, transparent screen protector and the same flexible silicone as the Jam Jacket; the Jam Jacket Pro mini ($24.99), an upgrade to the Jam Jacket mini with two reinforced slits in the back that accommodate the new DLO armband (included); the Jam Jacket mini 3Pacs ($34.99) and Jam Jacket Pro mini 3Pacs ($39.99); the Italian leather DLO Podfolio mini ($29.99); and the Action Jacket mini ($29.99) with an improved Velcro armband. The DLO line of iPod mini accessories will ship by the first week of March.