SubRosaSoft today announced the release of CipherDisk 1.5, the latest release of its utility that offers protection of data on internal drives, external firewire or USB drives, and CD/DVDs from prying eyes using the fast and secure AES encryption algorithm. “One of the most requested features from our version 1.0 customers is the support of AES, or Advanced Encryption Standard,” said Marko Kostyrko, co-author of CipherDisk and CEO of SubRosaSoft. “AES is widely used and well known within the cryptographic industry. To all public knowledge, it is not feasible for any individual or group on earth to break anything encrypted with AES 256 bit, the 256 bit runs significantly faster than Blowfish, and is an excellent balance for both speed and security.” CipherDisk requires Mac OS X 10.2 or higher (including Panther) and is priced at US$59.95.