Free version of PC-Mac PasswordVault v2.0 released

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — February 3, 2004 — Lava Software is now shipping
PC-Mac PasswordVault Lite v2.0, a free product which securely stores
website access information, Internet banking data and software registration
details for convenient and easy access in a central location on your
Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP, MacOS X or MacOS classic computer.

This new version adds Windows XP style buttons, import and export of
service data (for easy backup, printing or transfer to another computer), a
fast lockout button, a web address button, service categories, five
additional skins, a compact global floating window interface, and sorted
services within categories.

PC-Mac PasswordVault protects user data using very strong 896-bit
encryption, yet provides convenient access to it via a simple master
password. If the user forgets their master password, they can answer a
series of customized questions they previously entered to access their data
– this simple and highly effective master password recovery system is
unique to PC-Mac PasswordVault.

The free Lite Edition of PC-Mac PasswordVault supports up to 10 services,
whilst the Standard Edition supports any number of services. The Standard
Edition is priced at USD14.95 per license, and purchasers get download
access to the current version of the software for all platforms, as well as
free upgrades for one year. Site licenses (for any number of users at one
organization) are available for USD99.00.

About the Company

Lava Software Pty. Ltd., a company incorporated in the State of South
Australia, began developing its range of cross-platform software in 1992.
More information is available from or by

Michael Wildoer
Lava Software Pty. Ltd.
GPO Box 215, Adelaide, Australia, 5001