Describe HyperNext Creator – one line

Card based software creation for beginners.

Describe HyperNext Player – one line

Runs stacks built by HyperNext Creator.

Describe Creator

HyperNext Creator is an easy to use software development system that allows
hobbyists, students, educators, in fact anyone, to quickly create programs.
The Creator can build both both stacks which run on the free HyperNext
Player and standalone applications.

The software structure in HyperNext is like a set of cards, with cards
holding buttons. fields, canvases and multimedia. Its programming language
is easy to learn with English-like commands and variables not requiring
their type or structure be declared.

Also included is HyperNext Developer which creates plug-ins for HyperNext

Both Creator and Developer offer almost full functionality for a trial
period of 30 days. Users can create new projects, test, run and save them.
However, they cannot build finished stacks, applications or plug-ins.

* Build stacks that run on the free HyperNext Player.
The HyperNext Player runs on both OS X and Classic.
Stacks are generally quite small and easy to distribute.
* Build applications that run on both OS X and Classic.
Applications can be like standard Macintosh apps.
* Build plug-ins for HyperNext Creator.
Plug-ins are like libraries offering extra capabilities.
They can be used by users of HyperNext Creator.
* Trial version works for 30 days.
Projects can be created, edited, run, saved and loaded.
Building requires the registered version.
* All software created is royalty free.
* Some features:
Card based software system aimed at beginners.
Work with buttons, fields, canvases, texts and movies.
Drag and drop texts and images.
Play music with NotePlayer.
Powerful but easy to use scripting language.
On-line help for easy access to language details.
AppleScripting giving control over OS and applications.
Built-in REALbasic scripting – a fast and powerful language.
Price and licensing
$24.95 for private and shareware use.
$49.95 for commercial use.
Educational licences are available.
Pay through either Esellerate or Kagi.

Describe Player

HyperNext Player is a freeware application that runs stacks created by
HyperNext Creator. Stacks are platform independent, are usually quite
small, about 50k and are easy to distribute, needing just a HyperNext
Player to run them. A Windows version of Player is currently under

URLs and Downloads

Main site:

Creator for OS X

Creator for Classic

Player for OS X

Player for Classic