VisualRoute 8.0 Offers Intelligent Traces=92
for Quick Identification of Internet Connectivity Problems

Application pinpoints where data traffic is lost or blocked,
shows geographical path of a connection

TURLOCK, CALIF. =96 January 27, 2004 =96 Visualware Inc. today
announced the release of VisualRoute 8.0, an integrated diagnostic
tool that quickly locates Internet bottlenecks. VisualRoute helps
network administrators and support staff reduce costs and improve
customer satisfaction by greatly simplifying the process of
troubleshooting network connectivity problems.

VisualRoute’s Internet protocol (IP) tracing capabilities use
multiple protocols, including ICMP, UDP and TCP, which provide more
thorough reporting of IP routing. In addition, VisualRoute enables
application port and IP service testing. Users can now easily validate
the availability of widely used IP application services, such as POP3,
FTP, SMTP and DNS, in addition to standard HTTP services.

VisualRoute enables network administrators to see precisely where
and how the traffic is flowing between two points on the Internet. The
application integrates several Internet technologies, such as
traceroute, ping, whois and reverse DNS, and automatically analyzes
this data to assess Internet connectivity to a user-specified
destination. The results are displayed in a table and world map, along
with reports of the performance of each portion of the route.

VisualRoute’s unique ability to identify the geographical
location of IP addresses, along with the Internet service provider for
the IP, also provide key information to help determine threat levels
of a hacker attack and to investigate and report an intruder or

Key features of VisualRoute 8.0 include:

Improved tracing capabilities, providing more powerful
"intelligent traces" using multiple Internet protocols, such
as ICMP, UDP and TCP, to reach more destinations with greater

A zoomable physical world map, in addition to VisualRoute’s
traditional political map, enabling users to see the actual path to an
IP address or Internet host.

Application port and IP service testing, allowing administrators
to easily validate the availability of IP application services, such
as POP3, FTP, SMTP and DNS.

An updated geo-IP database, which more accurately identifies the
geographical locations of IP addresses.

New display options, for greater flexibility of report

VisualRoute 8.0 is available as a Personal Edition ($49.95) for
use on individual personal computers, and as a Server Edition
(starting at $249), which includes Web server functionality that
provides remote access to multiple users. VisualRoute is available on
the Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux platforms. Free, 15-day trial
versions may be downloaded from (a

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