(CA-OPENOSX) OpenOSX Ships Office 1.0 v2

SWALL MEADOWS, Calif. — (OPENOSX-INC) — May 20, 2002 — OpenOSX, Inc., a
leading provider of easy-to-use, world-class open-source software, today
began shipping their Office 1.0 v2 CD to the budding Mac OS X community.

The new version of the CD fixes a potential localization bug with AbiWord,
that would prevent AbiWord from launching under certain conditions. OpenOSX
has also made a free downloadable package available to update “Office 1.0”
to “Office 1.0 v2” at: (http://OpenOSX.com/support/)

AbiWord is an award-winning open source alternative to Microsoft Word.
Gnumeric is a world-class spreadsheet with 95 percent of the functions of
Microsoft Excel built-in. Guppi is a dynamic charting, drawing and graphing
application integrated into Gnumeric spreadsheets. SodiPodi is a vector
based image manipulation program, a popular graphics editor often compared
to Adobe Illustrator. TeXShop is a typesetting editor and previewer for
semi- automating the authoring of technical documents.

OpenOSX’s Office 1.0 v2 CD will install this suite of powerful and flexible
tools for Macintosh Operating System, Mac OS X, with ease. The Office CD is
shipping immediately.

AbiWord can edit most Microsoft Word documents, Gnumeric edits most
Microsoft Excel documents. SodiPodi can be used to edit documents in the
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. TeXShop edits DeVice
Independent (DVI) file formats. All can print to PDF files with Mac OS X
Print Center support.

OpenOSX has a digital Screenshot Gallery of their Office product in action,
on the World Wide Web available for viewing, printing or broadcasting at:

The OpenOSX Office 1.0 v2 CD is available for 40 U.S. dollars. Patrons of
previous versions of the CD may upgrade for 10 U.S. dollars. OpenOSX is
bundling the CD with The GNU Image Manipulation Program (The Gimp) with
their Office 1.0 v2 CD for 50 U.S. dollars.

OpenOSX, Inc. is a company dedicated to serving, and expanding, the
Macintosh community. Founded on the premise that many computer users are
intimidated by the UNIX command-line, OpenOSX committed itself to one
mission- bringing popular Unix software to both the “Unix-challenged” and
the seasoned, Mac inclined system administrator in a friendly, “Mac Like”

More information about the OpenOSX Office CD is available electronically at