Troi Automatisering releases Troi File Plug-in 2.7 for FileMaker Pro 6

Updated plug-in lets you manipulate your files and folders and use
file and folder information directly from your FileMaker Pro

Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, January 20th, 2004–Troi
Automatisering today announced the availability of its Troi File
Plug-in 2.7, for FileMaker Pro 5.x through 6.

What is Troi File Plug-in?

Troi File Plug-in is a very powerful tool for getting access to
information outside the FileMaker Pro database. Any files or folders
stored on the computer can be accessed through the functions of the
plug-in. All from within FileMaker you can:

– get data from files that are on the disk of the computer into FileMaker Pro
– (batch) import pictures, sounds etc. and optionally store only a
reference to them in FileMaker Pro
– create files anywhere on the hard disk and put data from FileMaker
fields into them
– manipulate files and folders on the disk: this includes creating,
deleting, copying, moving and modifying files and folders
– query detailed information of files: the size on disk, creation and
modification dates and much more
– launch files with their appropriate application directly from FileMaker Pro

Peter Baanen, company president, states: “The File Plug-in is one of
Troi’s most widely used and appreciated plug-ins. We take pride in
improving its functionality to serve our users even better. We expect
this new release will help our users by giving them more power in a
cross-platform environment.”

New Features

Troi File Plug-in 2.7 has these improvements:

– Improved the TrFile-MetaData function. Added 2 new switches to
choose the correct character encoding.
– Added better support for long filenames on Mac OS X, up to 255
characters. You can now get long names in the TrFile-ListFolder and
the TrFile-Search function. Other functions already worked with long
– Added a switch “-CurrentAppFolder” to the TrFile-GetPathTo
function, which returns the folder of the current running application.
– (Mac OS X only) Changed behaviour of the switch
“-CurrentApplication”. This function now returns the FSSpec to the
FileMaker application package (usually FileMaker, instead of
the carbon executable inside this package.
– (Windows NT/XP) Fixed a bug in the TrFile-Substitute function: if
you substituted in place and the replace string was shorter than the
search string, garbage text could be appended at the end of the file.
– Fixed a bug in the TrFile-Substitute function: If you gave wrong
parameter to the function (an empty source file string) the plug-in
could crash. Now it properly returns $$-50 in this case.
– (Mac OS X only) Fixed a bug in the TrFile-FileSpec To FullPath
function where higher ASCII characters in the path, like u-umlaut,
would not be returned correctly.
– Improved several example files, most significantly: removed pause
step in CreateFile.fp5 example; removed superfluous layout in
FileManipulation.fp5 example and fixed link to Launch.fp5 in All File
– Improved the Import1Image.fp5 example file. On Mac OS X it now
splits the selected path correctly into path and name.
– Improved the Image Catalog Sample File.
– (Mac) Registration now also works if the registration file has a
“.txt” extension at the end.
– Updated the user guide and function overview.

Suggested Uses

– Batch import of images, movies, sounds, text files, etc.
– Keep your database small, by storing only references to images
– Creating a web site by exporting multiple HTML files
– Updating solutions, by moving database files into place
– Reading and writing custom formatted files, for example from legacy systems
– Cataloging complete projects, including pictures

Pricing & Availability

A fully functional version of Troi File Plug-in 2.7 is available for
downloading at Troi’s web site at:

Troi File Plug-in 2.7 works with FileMaker Pro 5 and later. The
plug-in is available for Mac OS 9.1 or later, including Mac OS X
(10.1.5 or later), and for Windows 98/Me, Windows NT 4.0 (service
pack 6) and Windows 2000/XP. The plug-in should also run without
problems on any machine that is able to run FileMaker Pro 4.0,
FileMaker Pro 4.1 and runtimes from FileMaker Developer Edition 4.0.

Licenses cost US$ 59 per user. Product updates from version 2.2 and
later are free! Upgrades from older versions are available from US$
29 per user. Details on developer licenses and multi-user discounts
can be found on our web site. You can order licenses from our web

About Troi Automatisering

Troi Automatisering is leading developer of cross platform FileMaker
Pro plug-ins and winner of the FileMaker Pro Excellence Award 2001.
For more information, visit our web site at: