For Immediate Release Press Release

Kaidan Announces PiXiMation

Breakthrough software application creates 3-D rotational QuickTime VR
object movies without the need for specific hardware.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – USA – Tuesday, January 6, 2004 – Kaidan Incorporated,
the leading provider of interactive digital imaging solutions today
announced and previewed PiXiMation at Macworld Expo in San Franscisco. An
entirely new software application, PiXiMation creates 3-D rotational object
movies by hand with any free-spinning turntable such as a lazy susan.
PiXiMation uses advanced image processing techniques to generate properly
spaced and indexed image frames from a variety of video sources, such as
the Apple iSight. Initially developed for the Macintosh OS X
(FireWire-equipped running 10.2 or later) platform, PiXiMation creates and
saves QuickTime VR object movies as well as individual still image files –
useful for creating animated GIFs or importation into other object creation

Supported video cameras include the iSight (Apple), iBot (Orange Micro),
Pyro 1394 (ADS Technologies), Fire-I (Unibrain) and most Macintosh web cams
and FireWire-equipped camcorders. PiXiMation also analyzes and processes
QuickTime movie clips from many digital still cameras.

Previously, rotational object movies required expensive motorized
turntables that provided precise indexed motion or rotated at an exact
controlled speed. The intelligence built into PiXiMation is able to
compensate for the relatively erratic motion of turntables that are hand
rotated. Thus, anyone with PiXiMation, a Macintosh and an appropriate
camera can create object movies with any household turntable or simple
device that spins. Since precise rotation speeds are no longer a
requirement; many commonplace devices such as wind-up toys, music boxes and
even microwave oven rotators can also be used.

Jim Anders, President of Kaidan explains, “PiXiMation is Kaidan’s first
software application and one that we’re extremely proud of. We’ve been
offering object movie solutions for many years

and one of the challenges has always been the requirement of expensive
hardware. We believe that this burden placed QuickTime VR and interactive
object movies out of reach for those who simply wanted a simple and quick
way to capture their collectibles, eBay auction items, products, or items
of interest. PiXiMation eliminates that barrier with an elegant and
straightforward interface that anyone can use. However, underneath that
deceptively simple interface, PiXiMation does some amazing image-processing
and analysis to make it all simple and transparent for the user. It’s also
fun. And, since PiXiMation doesn’t require hardware, anyone will be able to
download the software and see what the fun is all about.”

PiXiMation will be available for trial and sale from the Kaidan website
( as well as appearing on magazine
CD-ROMs and other software distribution mechanisms. Once acquired, the
software can be purchased and unlocked (which enables file saving) directly
through PiXiMation’s secure online-ordering capability at a price of $99.95.

About Kaidan Incorporated

Kaidan Incorporated is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of
Photographic VR solutions for the Internet. Kaidan has alliances and
relationships with many digital imaging companies, such as Apple Computer,
Inc. and Nikon. Kaidan has resellers and distributors worldwide. Founded in
1994, Kaidan is headquartered in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. For more
information, visit or contact Joan Rankin, Director
of Sales and Marketing at (215) 364-1778.