SilverNetworks releases SilverCreator v1.1

Houston, TX — December 4th, 2004 — SilverNetworks today released a
significant update to its free game development system, SilverCreator,
now at version 1.1.

SilverCreator v1.1 fixes almost 40 bugs – too many to explain all of
them here. And it adds notable new features including a redesigned sound
manager, sprite editor, and prompt window; improved memory management,
more sprites, new scripting commands, expanded sound support, undoable
graphics filters, and much more.

SilverCreator v1.1 enables anyone with Mac OS 7.6 to Mac OS X to
create and develop your very own games for the Macintosh at a price that
can’t be beat. Creating a game is as simple as drawing some graphics,
typing some text, clicking some buttons, and compiling your masterpiece
to a standalone Macintosh application.

Advanced developers can take advantage of the powerful event-based
scripting language to create advanced and engaging games. Full QuickTime
support is included (including Flash and QuickTime VR support) as well
as a fast sprite system with full transparency support. You can even
create online games where 2 players can play over the internet, with the
built-in and easy to use socket support.

One you’ve made your game, you can compile it for Mac OS X
(Carbon), Classic PPC, and even for 68K machines. Unlike other game
creators, there are no royalty fees on games you create – you are free
to give them away or charge any price you see fit.

You can download SilverCreator v1.1 now for Mac OS X and Mac OS 7.6 –
9.2.2 by going to Everything you need
to start creating your own Macintosh games is included.

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shareware software including games, development tools, internet/intranet
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