2004 Jan 02, 12:45 PST

Dear MacTech:

I would like to take this opportunity to announce version 1.2.5 of
LogPile (developed using REALbasic 4.5.3). This update addresses a
large number of performance and stability issues that has plagued
previous versions. Also, this release now provides support for log
files generated by MacOS X 10.3 (Japanese edition). It is also
accompanied by a complete Quick Manual.

LogPile is a useful utility for viewing and analysing OS X’s system and
application logs. More than just a log viewer, LogPile provides users
with the means for performing basic data-mining operations on these
logs. Users can also use LogPile to delete a specific application or
custom log. Users can also use LogPile to reset their console.log file.

A copy of LogPile 1.2.5 can be dowloaded at the following URL:
More information about LogPile is also available at the following web