MDG Announces WS4D/eCommerce 4.0, Web Server 4D 4.0,
WS4D/Developer 4.0 and WS4D/Developer eCommerce 4.0,
and WS4D/Banners 4.0

Adds OS X Support, lots of new features.

Cary, IL December 22, 2003 — MDG Computer Services, Inc, a
leading developer of web and eCommerce tools for Macintosh
and Windows, announced today that it shipped version 4.0 of
Web Server 4D and WS4D/eCommerce, its a single application
that includes a full featured web server, shopping carts,
storefronts, credit authorization, virtual domains, and
database publishing.

What’s New With Version 4.0?

Web Server 4D 4.0 adds native OS X support. No longer is
classic required to run WS4D. This has been the number one
feature request from our current customers and a simple
upgrade process is available without losing any entered data
or changed HTML. MDG delivers a simple upgrade path to OS X.

There are many enhanced database commands which can simplify
database navigation for users. Sorted headers allows users
to click on a header to change the sort order. A search
selection tag allows users to search on the already
displayed selection. A SearchAgain tag allows users to
change the view of the database, without having to do the
search again. A silent post feature allows you to post your
added records to another server or even the same server (to
add 1 record to 2 databases.

For those of you that use the
Configurable database, you can now get an email every night
when ever a database has been changed during the day – this
is great to send an email to a list server whenever records
have been added. Also, you can upload databases via a
browser instead of one record at a time.

A New XML option allows you to take WS4D database results and
return them in XML. WS4D provides automatic Robots.txt support.
You no longer have to place a robots.txt file in all your
directories or folders. WS4D will serve one up automatically
on the fly when requested. This will aid in getting search
engines to index your site Finally, WS4D includes support
for LiveSync4D. LiveSync4D allows WS4D to mirror its
database to another database, giving your a backup or mirror
of your existing database.

What’s New With WS4D/eCommerce

WS4D/eCommerce 4.0 supports
AuthorizeNet’s Advanced Integration Method (AIM) for
processing credit cards. Since WebLink will be going away
sometime in 2004, this gives those using AuthorizeNet the
option to keep using AuthorizeNet.

A brand new Affiliate program is now part of WS4D/eCommerce.

WS4D/eCommerce 4.0 now supports a style sheet (css) that can be
applied per storefront to the standard shopping folder.

For those that do not have many products OR want a faster and
simpler way to order a few products, WS4D/eCommerce now offers
a single page order form. This single page allows the product
to be selected and he customer information to be entered on one

WS4D/eCommerce offers enhanced auto publishing
support. Every night a URL for your eCommerce products will
automatically be sent to Google for indexing.

Pricing Upgrade information is detailed below or visit for additional information.

New Orders

WS4D/eCommerce Single – includes Web Server 4D 4.0,
WS4D/eCommerce 1 Store

WS4D/eCommerce Unlimited – includes Web Server 4D 4.0
WS4D/eCommerce Unlimited Stores

Web Server 4D 4.0
(No eCommerce – upgrade to eCommerce Available later) $295

WS4D/SSL – adds SSL capabilities to Web Server 4D 4.0
or WS4D/eCommerce 4.0 (Mac or Windows) $295

WS4D/Email-Search – allows any mailing list to be
archived and searchable

WS4D/Banners- adds Banner impression and clickthru
tracking along with storing/graphing history

Upgrades For Existing WS4D Customers

Below are the standard upgrade prices, there is a
discount for those that order before 12/31/03.
Check for more info

Standalone Upgrades

Web Server 4D 4.0 Upgrade From Web Server 4D 3.5/3.6 $149

WS4D/eCommerce Single StoreFront 4.0 from
WS4D/eCommerce Single StoreFront 3.5/3.6 $295

WS4D/eCommerce Unlimited StoreFront 4.0 from
WS4D/eCommerce Unlimited StoreFront 3.5/3.6 $449

WS4D/SSL 4.0 from WS4D/SSL 3.X

Developer Upgrades

WS4D/Developer 4.0 Upgrade From WS4D/Developer 35/3.6 $349

WS4D/eCommerceDeveloper 4.0 Upgrade From
WS4D/eCommerce Developer 3.5/3.6

Complete list of all new features at:


WS4D 4.0 will be released in 3 phases, the first phase which
offers OS X compatibility is available today. For a complete
list of features and availability, visit

MDG has been shipping Web Sever 4D since November, 1995. Web
Server 4D combines the power of a relational database along
with a full featured web server in single high performance
single application. WS4D/eCommerce adds shopping carts,
credit card authorization, order and customer tracking.
WS4D/Email-Search allows any mailing list to be searchable
from the web. MDG can be contacted at 1343 Mulberry Lane,
Cary, IL 60013, USA; Phone: 847-791-0914, Fax 773-913-6129;