Other World Computing (OWC) today announced it has begun offering unlimited nationwide Internet service through FasterMac.net, which provides 56K v.90/v.92 dial-up access throughout the U.S. specifically for Mac users. Pricing for FasterMac.net’s unlimited service comes in three payment options: Annually for US$109.99 (less than $9.17 per month), Quarterly for $31.99 (less than $10.67 per month), and Monthly for $11.95. For the same cost as FasterMac.net’s unlimited v.90/v.92 dialup service, ISDN service is also offered with a 200 channel-hour limit. The original FasterMac.net v.90/v.92 nationwide dial-up service now starts at $7.99 per month, offering the same features as the unlimited access plan but with a connect time limit of 150 hours per month.