Mireth Technology has released version 4.2 of MacVCD X for Macintosh OS X,
it=92s popular video player that plays VCDs, SVCDs and Quicktime movies.
This version adds the preserve aspect ratio feature, which allows you to
preserve the aspect ratio on playback, or stretch the picture to fit the
screen. This release also adds back in the save and edit features so
popular in the OS 9 version of MacVCD.

MacVCD X is the full featured Macintosh movie player that plays Video CD,
Super VCD, and Quicktime movies. VCD movies are frequently stored in
multiple files (called tracks) and because of CD storage size limitations,
are often stored on more than one disk. MacVCD X recognizes the VCD format,
finds, loads and plays the movie for you, automatically chaining the tracks
together and ejecting the disk when it’s done. Sit back and enjoy the movie
on full screen, or even on your TV, with no interruptions except to insert
the next disk.

Key features include:

– Full screen display (even on large monitors)
– Preserve aspect ratio or stretch to fit screen on playback
– Small screen display in floating or regular window
– Editing and saving
– VCD and Quicktime playback
– Super VCD (MPEG2) playback on G3 or higher (with purchase of Apple’s
Quicktime MPEG2 component)
– Automatic VCD format recognition and file chaining
– Auto play and auto eject
– Easy to use standard Macintosh interface
– Track selection & repeat track features
– Hands Free=99 speech activated controls
– Playback on a second display (like a TV)

MacVCD – the easy way to play (TM)

Price: MacVCD X for Mac OS X costs $19.95(US) and can be ordered from
Mireth’s web site at
This is a free upgrade for existing MacVCD X users. Upgrade pricing for
MacVCD OS 9 users and volume purchasing discounts are also available.

Availability: Download a copy (free demo included) from MacVCD for Macintosh OS 8&9 also

System Requirements: Macintosh PowerPC, Mac OS X 10.1.5, Quicktime 5, (For
sVCD playback, Apple=92s Quicktime MPEG2 component also required)

More information: go to


Mireth Technology Corp. produces easy-to-use and cost effective software
utilities, including iVCD, ShredIt, NetShred and MacVCD, the best selling
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