ViewRemote for Mac Released: Powerful Remote Surveillance for Mac

BOSTON, MA – Nov. 20, 2003 — ViewRemote Software has released ViewRemote
for Mac, the only remote surveillance product for OS X. ViewRemote
clandestinely records all user activity, and allows it be viewed remotely
from anywhere in the world via a web browser.

ViewRemote works by automatically recording everything that happens on a
computer: keystrokes typed, applications used, and even periodic pictures of
the screen. When a user installs ViewRemote, he or she chooses a username
and password; all data that ViewRemote records is then securely and
automatically sent to that user account on the server, and
can optionally be sent via e-mail.

This allows remote, internet-based surveillance. From any other
internet-connected computer in the world, a user can sign into and see everything that has happened on the computer being
monitored. The computer being recorded does not have to be on; the data is
securely stored on the ViewRemote server, not on the computer being

The web interface is powerful yet simple, and even has a
“Play” button to play through all recorded activity; it’s like watching a
movie of what happened on the computer you’re monitoring.

An effective security tool, ViewRemote is a must for users who need to keep
an eye on their Mac and the people using it. There are no complex settings
to adjust; ViewRemote will start working as soon as it is installed.
ViewRemote works behind routers and firewalls.

ViewRemote requires Mac OS 10.2 or higher, and is 100% compatible with
Panther (OS 10.3.x). It comes with a free 5-day trial, and can be purchased
for $59.99 from the site.

NB: ViewRemote Software does not condone the use of its products for illegal
purposes; users may install the software only on a computer that they own,
and must inform anyone using that computer that they are being monitored.

For additional information on ViewRemote Software, please visit or call +1 617-492-3673.