SAN DIEGO, California (November 11, 2003) – SQLabs is pleased to
announce the beginning of a beta program for its soon-to-be-released

SQLitePluginPro is a REALbasic plugin that provides a powerful database
engine built on top of SQLite, an embeddable, stand-alone SQL database
library written in C. SQLite databases are stored as files on the
user’s local filesystem. SQLitePluginPro implements REALbasic’s
database API, allowing you to use REALbasic’s built-in database
controls and classes, as well as bindings, to create SQLite database
applications. SQLitePluginPro can open and manipulate existing SQLite
databases or create and open new ones. Furthermore, SQLite databases
are fully cross-platform. Any database created on a Mac can be opened
and manipulated on Windows, Linux, Solaris, Irix and many others OSes.

SQLitePluginPro supports versions of REALbasic from 2.1.2 through 5.2.2.

The beta program for SQLitePluginPro will run through November 30.
There are no limitations to the plugin during the beta period. Once the
plugin is released, the unregistered version will only return 10 rows
for any query. Anyone who registers during the beta period will
automatically receive the final released version for free.

Single-user licenses for SQLitePluginPro are $89, and permit an
unlimited number of royalty-free applications to be developed. Company
licenses for 9 or more developers may be purchased for $749. The only
restriction on the single and company licenses is that you may not
create an application that itself can be used to create database
applications or that can be used as a database server. For that you
will need a redistribution license, which is available for $999. A
redistribution license includes a company license.

For more information, please visit the SQLabs website:


About SQLabs

SQLabs specializes in database products for REALbasic. Our family of
SQLitePlugins range from a free SQLitePlugin, which is perfect for
small database tasks, to SQLitePluginPro, which can be used with the
REALbasic database API to build industrial-strength database
applications quickly and easily.

In addition to our database products for REALbasic, we also provide
consulting services, including custom REALbasic plugins and REALbasic

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