New CyberGauge 4.2 Supports Panther

Free Update Now Available for Customers and Xserve Owners

Lafayette, CA – October 29, 2003 – Neon Software announced today CyberGauge
4.2, an update to the award-winning bandwidth monitoring software.
CyberGauge works with any SNMP-based device, including routers, switches,
and servers. CyberGauge monitors bandwidth usage and automatically creates
utilization graphs as well as daily, weekly, and monthly quality of service
(QoS) and billing reports.

CyberGauge 4.2 now supports Mac OS X 10.3 (“Panther”) and includes minor
bug fixes.

“Customers were asking for Panther support before Apple released the final
software,” said Craig Isaacs, Neon Software’s president. “There’s quite a
bit of momentum, and Apple should be able to gain some new customers based
on the strength of Mac OS 10.3.”


CyberGauge Version 4.2 upgrades and free updates are available immediately
from the Neon Software web site:

Free Xserve Update

A free update is also available to Apple Xserve customers who received
CyberGauge as part of their system purchase. (Apple Computer has bundled
three Neon Software products with Xserve systems since early 2003:
CyberGauge, LANsurveyor, and NetMinder Ethernet.)

About CyberGauge

CyberGauge makes monitoring device and bandwidth utilization easy,
efficient, and affordable. CyberGauge installs in less than 5 minutes and
works with any SNMP-enabled device, including routers, gateways, NAS
(Network Attached Storage), servers, printers and more. Ease-of-use,
ease-of-installation, breadth of features, and affordability have won
CyberGauge a consistently increasing number of loyal customers since its
introduction in 1998.

CyberGauge automatically creates at-a-glance utilization graphs as well as
daily, weekly, and monthly quality of service (QoS) and utilization
reports. These reports allow network managers to:

* verify the bandwidth usage claimed by their provider matches actual
usage, and
* provide actual usage as a basis to forecast future bandwidth needs.

CyberGauge also monitors the status of a device and can notify the user if
the device goes down, comes back up, or hits a through-put threshold.

Pricing and Availability

CyberGauge 4.2 is available for US$295 for 5 devices, $495 for 10 devices,
and $695 for 20 devices. A 100 device Multi-Station configuration is
available for $2100.

Contact your local Neon Software reseller or distributor, visit, email, or call us at +1 925 283-9771 to get
more information about CyberGauge. Or, visit for a free trial.

About Neon Software

Neon Software has focused on creating easy to use and cost-effective
network management solutions since 1989. In addition to CyberGauge, Neon
Software publishes LANsurveyor and NetMinder Ethernet. LANsurveyor is easy
to use, proven network and desktop management software that provides four
essential functions in one cost-effective application: automatic network
maps, asset management reports, network monitor, and remote administration
and distribution. NetMinder Ethernet captures and decodes packet data as it
moves through the network, quickly pinpointing security issues and network

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