QuiXample is an Editor plug-in tool meant to search FB source code files.

QuiXample is a blazzingly fast plain-text searching tool that can give you
access to the bazillions of FB source code files that populate your folders
and subfolders on your hard drive.
The plug-in is Carbon only. It can search in ordinary text files (up to 8
Mb in size). It supports Drag & Drop and can be driven remotely by
AppleScript scripts.
QuiXample can memorize up to 20 favorite folders for quick access.
)From the resulting list you can open any FB source code file in the
)Editor, reveal it in the Finder, copy it to the Clipboard and even style
)it with Code Styler.
Please fasten your belt, \’cos the speed is totally insane!

QuiXample is freeware.

Further Information: