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Pentiumize your Mac now!
Blue Label 1.8 released

Dublin, Republic of Ireland – October 7, 2003 – Today Lismore Software
Systems ( updated its Blue Label application.
Blue Label gives you a chance to run, Windows 95/98/NT, Linux and DOS
programs, right on your Mac, without buying new hardware.

With Blue Label 1.8 PC programs will run better on your Mac. We improved
stability and fixed some bugs.

The unique combination of reasonable price, sufficient performance and
powerful interface of Blue Label PowerEmulator is that what we are

The new BLPE 1.8 contains several new and enhanced features, including:

– improved stability running PC applications
– enhanced number of supported printers, including USB and network

The application makes your Mac work as a Pentium PC, so you will have:

– Maximal compatibility with PC programs.;
– Full control over all the emulator’s settings;
– Great number of supported PC OSes;
– PC Networks and Internet access;
– Direct printing support, including USB and network printers;
– Family License – get one license and have all Macs in you home

Bundled with DOS, Blue Label is ready for Windows 95/98/NT, Linux and any
other OS you would like to have.

Availability and Pricing

Get Blue Label 1.8 for only $35 at
Buy Blue Label now and get 50% discount for Mac OS X compatible version we
are working on.

Traditionally, all registered users of any previous Blue Label
PowerEmulator versions, can get Blue Label 1.8 at no charge.

System requirements:

– PowerPC, Mac OS 8.x-9.x (Mac OS X and Classic environment currently not
– 64 megabytes of free RAM
– 300 megabytes of free disk space
– Color or grayscale monitor 256 colors
– CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
– Keyboard, Mouse