J2SEditor: Professional IPTC captioning software.

J2S announces the availability of version 1.2 of its J2SEditor, an IPTC
caption editor with file management capabilities for MacOS X.

Designed for professional photographers and photo agencies, J2SEditor is
used to view images according to their colour profile, sort files and add or
modify textual meta-data of graphics files, individually or in batch,
without affecting the documents (e.g. the caption of a JPEG file can be
updated without recompression of the document).

The list of IPTC fields to edit as well as default values or other input
controls are defined and stored in description profiles which can be adapted
to each user with our J2SProfiler.

Amongst other features, J2SEditor provides a toolbar e.g. for quick access
to applications, folders or other tools so that J2SEditor can easily fit in
a document workflow. Colour marks can be applied to the documents for faster
identification. J2SEditor can also insert a colour profile into your image
files and send a selection of documents to a FTP site. An Inspector window
can be used to quickly display specific file information (e.g. IPTC or EXIF
data, etc.).

J2SEditor supports all IPTC-compatible file formats such as JPEG, TIFF,
Photoshop (PSD) and native IPTC image files (the IPTC is a standard used in
the press industry for exchanging information).

New in version 1.2:
* Creation of thumbnails and display of documents based on colour profile,
* Drag&drop to change the number of items displayed in the grid,
* Full screen display (folder area and tool bar can be hidden),
* Inspector computes the printed size according to selected resolution,
* Possibility to crop a picture,
* Non-degrading option for operations such as rotations and crops,
* Repeatable IPTC fields are fully supported. Carriage returns are used as
field separators and the number of characters per field is checked according
to the field status,
* A carriage return is automatically inserted in repeatable fields when
double-clicking an entry from the suggested values lists.

A more detailed presentation, the user manual and a demo version can be
found on J2S web site at

J2SEditor runs on MacOS X and MacOS 9.x with CarbonLib 1.6.

A more detailed presentation, the user manual and a demo version can be
found on J2S web site at


J2S is a limited company whose aim is to:
* Anticipate our customers needs by developing and publishing software
specialised in multimedia and asset management.
* Meet specific needs by writing programmes according to precise

J2S is based upon the combination of its three partners:

* Jean-Yves Jourdain
Jean-Yves Jourdain won the Apple Trophy in 1989. He began by developing on
PC and mainframe computers. He has shown his expertise in software design,
development and team management during 10 years to create and develop
Phras=E9a, a cross-platform digital archiving system distributed throughout
the world.

* Georges Lobry
Georges Lobry started work in computing and artificial intelligence at
University. He then designed and developed the first fully automated
Macintosh audio broadcast system based on MP2 (the ancestor of MP3). He also
worked with communications systems (e.g. ISDN, Ethernet…) and hardware
(e.g. sound cards, jukebox, video switching matrix…). He managed the
Phras=E9a developers’ team for four years before joining J2S.

* Richard Loub=E9jac
Richard Loub=E9jac has gained a significant experience in web site publishin=
from content to technical implementation. With his knowledge in linguistics,
his writing and communication skills, he plays a pivoting role between the
technical and commercial world.

Our know-how
We develop and provide:
* Cross-platform applications running on Windows 95/98/NT/2000, MacOS
Classic or MacOS X.
* Components (codec, ActiveX, QuickTime=8A).
* COM technology (ADO, MTS, OCX…).
* Extensions (Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress=8A).
* Database expertise (SQL).
* Scripts (AppleScript, VB, Perl=8A).
* Internet technology (Apache, ASP, CGI, XML, HTML=8A).

We also provide quality documentation and a 3-month support with all our

Our strength
Our experience of storing and archiving issues gained in the press industry
shows in our expertise with graphical file formats, client/server and
communications technologies in a production environment.

Development tools
* Preferred language =3D C++.
* Other languages =3D C, Pascal, Visual Basic, Perl.
* Current development environments =3D CodeWarrior et Visual Studio.


* Software applications
AutoPrint is an application designed to print a picture with its associated
IPTC information. AutoPrint can directly print a file by drag&drop or
process the content of a folder at regular intervals. AutoPrint exists in
two versions to run on MacOS Classic and MacOS X. TIME Magazine (USA).

Narcisse is a MacOS and Windows NT graphics files description tool
interfacing Herm=E8s, Unisys editorial system. Le Monde (France).

HTML2XML is a Windows NT 4 application to convert HTML wires to XML
documents. REUTERS Agency (France).

Watchdog is designed to check application processes so that, should they
ever go down, the twin application is launched. REUTERS Agency (France).

Panopict, a software package to insert images in a QuickTime VR panorama,
allow the user to change the shapes of the images and re-generate the
panorama. This software is used by sales persons in the field of sport
advertising. Briq – Sols=E9quia (France).

* Services or COM Components
PasswordEverywhere is designed to harmonize the passwords used on a
WindowsNT/2000 network with the accounts stored on a device such as Hewlett
Packard Digital Sender. Access-It (France).

MagicLayer is a COM object used to perform specific operations (i.e. listing
layers, saving selected layers, exporting the text of a layer) on
Illustratorcompatible files. Burodoc (France).

COMIPTC is a COM component to read/write IPTC information contained in a
graphics file. MasterLine (France).

PDFTextExtractor is a COM component which communicates with our Acrobat
plug-in to extract the text content of a PDF file. Noematics (France).

* Extensions & plug-ins
PDFEraser is a plug-in for Acrobat (Windows version) used to delete a
user-selected area containing confidential information for example, in
OCR-ized PDF documents. Access-It (France).

The Windows version of PDF StartUp, our autorun program, was modified to
operate as a dongle protection via the use of 2 Acrobat extensions: one to
set the protection, the other to allow the Acrobat Reader to automatically
open the PDF document. The presence of the CD-Rom is required for the
document to be opened automatically without the need for the user to enter
the password. Massey-Ferguson / 2M Equation (France).

Excel2InDesign is a plug-in designed to enhance InDesign 1.5 so that Excel
sheets can be imported in InDesign the way they look in the original
document. Messier-Bugatti – Groupe Snecma (France).

* Libraries
MimeViewer is a MacOS Classic dynamic library (DLL) designed to allow a user
to view the content of a MIME-formatted message and if needed, to select a
encryption mode to protect the message. SAGEM (France).

IP-Lib, a communications library (MacOS PPC fragment) based on TCP/IP for
client/server connectivity. Trias (France).