Apple has updated its Hot Deals section with the latest offerings from the online Apple Store and MacConnection. The Apple Store has great deals on refurbished equipment, including 10GB, 15GB, and 30GB iPods; 12, 15 and 17″ PowerBooks; Power Mac G4 Dual 1.25GHz; 17″ Apple Studio Display; 700MHz and 900MHz iBooks; and 800MHz and 1GHz iMacs. MacConnection is offering a free Epson 820 printer with the purchase of any Mac; a free Epson 820 printer and up to 1GHz of RAM free with the purchase of a Power Mac G5; the Formac Oxygen 2010 20.1″ flat-panel display with $100 mail-in rebate, free DLO Action Jacket with the purchase of an iPod, and the Iomega 750MB Zip 750 FireWire drive with $50 mail-in rebate.