Apple has contracted Jeffrey Zeldman of Happy Cog Studios and Douglas Bowman of Stopdesign to help redesign the company’s Web site. Both men are widely known for their standards-based Web design practices. “We’ll be working with Messieurs Rand Hill, Douglas Vincent, and Chad Little of Apple’s Web design team,” Zeldman said. “If you read even casually, you will know that we hold Apple in high esteem, and will deduce that we’re pleased to have landed the gig… It’s too early to discuss the nature and details of this design job, but more will be revealed at an appropriate time.” Update: Mr. Bowman has updated his blog with the following: “To clear up some confusion and speculation, this does not imply a visual redesign is in the works. Happy Cog and Stopdesign will be consulting with the in-house team, providing guidance and a bit of a jump start as they explore the waters of Web standards and forward-thinking design.”