Koverz Provides Cure for Not-so Mysterious PowerBook Woe

PARADISE, Utah =96 August 20, 2003 =96 Thousands of people open their Apple
PowerBooks on a daily basis and are discouraged to find mysterious marks
and smudges on their laptop computer screens. Some of the marks are easily
removed from the screen with a swipe of a cleaning cloth, while others
remain as permanent reminders of how a small problem can turn into a big
problem for possibly the most powerful laptops in the industry.

The mysterious marks are not so mysterious however. The marks are actually
caused when oil and dirt left on the keyboard and/or wrist-rest come in
contact with the computer screen when the laptop is closed. The marks can
be easily prevented with the help of a laptop screen protector from Koverz,
Inc. (

=93We have customers from across the country that have recognized the marks
on their screens, and have chosen a simple, yet elegant solution to their
problem,=94 said David Leishman, president of Koverz. =93At Koverz, we have
created a leather laptop screen protector that fits perfectly over the
keyboard and/or wrist-rest of most Apple PowerBooks and iBooks. The result
is a protective barrier that prevents the dirt and oil on the keys from
coming in contact with the delicate LCD screen.=94

Koverz laptop screen protectors are made from 100% cowhide leather, which
will not bleed or shed and is the most durable material for this type of
product. The topside, which faces the screen features a chrome finish, and
the bottom side is unfinished suede.

=93We have been contacted about our screen protectors by everyone from
individual computer owners to universities that purchase large quantities
of Apple laptops,=94 Leishman said. =93In some cases, people, schools,
universities or companies are spending upwards of $3,000 for an Apple
laptop, and for less than 1% of the cost of the computer, owners can
purchase a Koverz laptop screen protector and insure that their laptop
screen will last as long as the rest of their investment.=94

The Koverz laptop screen protector is available for most Apple PowerBooks
and iBooks. Pricing ranges from $11.95 to $15.95. Koverz offers volume
discounts, as well as customized laser etching. For more information on
Koverz, visit or email questions to