VVI Updates Graphing Software
August 15, 2003

VVI today announced the version 8.5.8 update to its Vvidget graphing
system. John Brilhart, Chief Technical Officer of VVI, made this

“Vvidget is the premier graphing system for Mac OS X and implements
many advanced and unique features not available in other systems.
Vvidget Pro is used to make unparalleled real-time enterprise-level
visualization, process control and analysis systems. Vvidget Builder is
used to layout graphs with point-and-click methods. Vvidget Palette is
used to drag-and-drop graphs into developer’s custom applications, and
the Peer Visual Server is used by corporate developers to generate
dynamic graphs and reports for print and web media. Our real-time
network package is used on Windows, Mac OS X, or any flavor of Unix or
Linux to gather data for display, analysis and real-time account,
process or instrument control.

The newest version implements semi-log and log-log graphs, both
full-cycle and sub-cycle formats. We’ve also added five wizards within
Vvidget Builder as another entry point into making graphs and charts.
Users can now enter data and click a button to see the graph. They can
then place it on a Vvidget Builder document to gain access to the full
amount of formatting options in order to tune the graph. The emphasis
is to provide multiple ways to make graphs, some quick and data
focused, some meticulous and graphic oriented and others that are
developer oriented or business oriented in order to satisfy diverse
customer needs.

Number input entry formatting is improved for wide dynamic range and
resolution. That is especially important for log and date scales where
the ranges can be large, for example from microseconds to years. The
palette and preconfigured Peer Visual Server input options are updated
to accept UTF8 encoded text. Exponential notation now formats with

Many of these features are straight forward, but to gain full access to
the features we backup our software and customers with support,
training and contracting. That combination of powerful tools and
support is a win-win situation.”

To view real-time equity portfolios and charts provided by Vvidget
please see http://www.marketocracy.com. You can also download a
demonstration copy of Vvidget User at
http://www.vvi.com/download/vvidgetuser. To learn more about Vvidget
User see http://www.vvi.com/products/vvidgetuser.