Daystar Technology today announced that it has formally started shipping XLR8 MAChSpeed Control – OS 9 and MAChSpeed Control – OS X, cache enabling, protection and testing software. Working in partnership with EchoFX, Inc., Daystar has introduced new compatibility enhancements in a “ground-up” rework of the MAChSpeed Control Software. MAChSpeed Control – OS9 now ships with all new XLR8 brand products manufactured by Daystar. Any product purchased through Daystar Technology is upgraded free of charge. Other users can purchase MSC-OS 9 for US$9.95. MAChSpeed Control – OS X is currently bundled free with 450, 466, 500, 533 and 550 MHz G4 direct product purchase only (not bundled with eBay purchases). Other users can purchase MSC-OS X for $17.95.