Apple has updated its Hot Deals section with the latest offerings from MacConnection, O’Reilly, and the Apple Store. MacConnection has deals on the Shaun Jackson Designs Back Office bag, Kano SLIM-K2Xtreme 2x USB 2.0/FireWire DVD-RW drive, Formac 17.4″ Gallery 1740 LCD display, Canon EOS 100 digital SLR camera, and Power Mac G5 w/free Office v.X. O’Reilly has great prices on “iPod: The Missing Manual,” “iPhoto 2: The Missing Manual,” “Cocoa in a Nutshell,” and “Switching to the Mac.” The Apple Store has a variety of new product arrivals, including the SmartDisk FireLite 80GB FireWire hard drive, Kensington WiFi Finder, Macromedia Contribute 2, Klipsch 5.1 speaker system, and more.