ilesa Software releases SpamSlam 1.1

Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, USA, 7/23/03 — ilesa Software today
released SpamSlam v1.1, a revolutionary tool that effortlessly blocks 100%
of all unwanted junk email.

New for SpamSlam v1.1:
– More bug fixes.
– New Rules system allows for much greater flexibility including real
mailing list support, the ability to blacklist and whitelist entire domains,

What is SpamSlam?

SpamSlam is a convenient tool designed to completely eliminate unwanted spam
emails from your in-box. Spam email has become such a problem that important
messages are often lost in the deluge of spam that clutters one’s mailbox.

There are many anti-spam tools that block spam by filtering your email
messages based on the content of those messages. However, these filter-based
spam tools are fundamentally flawed: because they determine the validity of
an email message using patterns and probability, they might block a
legitimate message that seems like spam, or they might fail to block a spam
message that looks legit.

SpamSlam is different: SpamSlam is the only tool that eliminates 100% of
spam emails without using a filter-based system, and without ever blocking a
legitimate email. SpamSlam is also compatible with all Macintosh email

How does SpamSlam work?

SpamSlam is 100% effective spam-eliminating tool because it does not use a
filter-based system. Instead, SpamSlam downloads all of your mail itself,
and then uses a whitelist combined with a challenge/response system. If the
sender isn’t on your whitelist, their message is placed into a ‘folder’ of
pending messages. The sender is then sent a confirmation request (or
challenge) simply to prove that the sender is human. If the sender replies
to the confirmation, he is moved to the whitelist, and all pending messages
are released. If the sender fails to reply to the confirmation within a
specified time frame, then the sender is blacklisted and all pending
messages are moved to a blocked messages ‘folder’. All pending messages and
blocked messages are viewable from within SpamSlam. The challenge/response
process is a one-time procedure. Once a person has completed the
challenge/response system, they will be able to email you freely.

At the same time, SpamSlam is running its own local mail server. You then
configure your email client to check this local server, and then only
whitelisted, non-spam messages are received.

What are SpamSlam’s System Requirements?

– Apple Macintosh computer running MacOS 10.2 or better.
– An Internet connection
– a POP email account


SpamSlam is available now, and a fully functional trial version may be
downloaded for free through the ilesa Software website at
( SpamSlam is competitively priced at $19.95 USD.

About ilesa Software

ilesa Software was founded in 1996 by Mallory Paine. Throughout the last
eight years, ilesa has provided the Macintosh community with useful Internet
utilties that help to make anyone’s computing life a bit more pleasurable.

ilesa Software distributes its products as trial-ware. You can fully
evaluate any of our software for free and then decide if you want to buy it.
This way, you’ll never buy something you don’t want.

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