LightWork Design Announces Cross-Platform Support for RPC Content
RPC functionality integrated within world’s leading rendering engine!

SHEFFIELD, UK (22 July 2003) – LightWork Design, the world’s leading
supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer
graphics software, announces cross-platform support for RPC Content within

The LightWorks implementation of RPC, supporting RPC people, trees and other
objects, runs on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Andy Chapman,
CEO of LightWork Design said, “This new functionality is closely integrated
into the standard LightWorks API, providing customers with the quickest and
most cost-effective way to add RPC support to their applications.” The
implementation of RPC in LightWorks is intelligent, extremely efficient and
supports the rendering of RPC objects in both software and interactive
rendering modes. It allows users to enhance the realism of their images by
easily adding the RPC content available from ArchVision.

Randall Stevens, President of ArchVision, commented, “We’re really pleased
that LightWork Design has made it so easy for their customers to add RPC
support to their applications. This will significantly expand the number of
users who will be able to use RPC to create world-class 3D images.”

Alexandra Yessios, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at auto*des*sys,
Inc. added, “We are excited to hear about the support for RPC within
LightWorks. The opportunity to include RPC content within images will be
particularly useful to our customers and will let them create even more
realistic designs. Using LightWorks will make it much easier for us to
offer this technology to our users and we hope to implement this within
form.Z very soon.”

Jari Siikarla, software designer in charge of visualization development at
Vertex Systems Oy, commented, “To have RPC support available within the
familiar LightWorks API will dramatically reduce our development time;
allowing our customers to enjoy RPC in the next release of our Vertex
Interior and Vertex Building Design applications. Our customers will then
be able to visualize their design concepts faster, more realistically, and
truer to their original ideas.”

For more information go to www.lightworkdesign or visit the LightWork Design
booth 3431 at SIGGRAPH, San Diego.

About LightWork Design
LightWork Design is the world’s leading supplier of rendering solutions for
developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software. Established in 1989,
LightWork Design has continually developed LightWorks to provide customers
with innovative and market-focused solutions for the creation of powerful
and easy-to-use rendering applications. Renowned for its physically
accurate visualization of real-world objects and environments, LightWorks is
the ideal choice for applications targeted at the AEC, Industrial and
Graphics markets. LightWorks is supplied as a complete solution which
includes the SDK, support, training and consultancy services, to give
customers fast and efficient access to leading-edge rendering technology,
resulting in shorter development cycles, faster time-to-market for new
products, and lower software development costs.

LightWorks is embedded in over 80 software applications and used by more
than 1 million users worldwide, far more than any other renderer.
Applications that incorporate LightWorks include: Alibre Design from Alibre,
ArchiTrend from Fukui Computer, CDRS, Pro/DESKTOP and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire
from PTC, Cobalt from Ashlar, Configura and InstantPlanner from Configura
Sverige AB, DigiD from Nihon Unisys, form.Z from auto-des-sys, ICEM Surf
from ICEM, IX Design from ImpactXoft, Madric from CPU, MSC.visualNastran
from MSC Software, Presenter 3D from Digital Immersion, PowerShape from
Delcam, solidThinking from Gestel, ThinkReal from Think3, trueSpace from
Caligari, Unigraphics NX from EDS, VectorWorks from Nemetschek NA and
products from many other major CAD vendors.

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