JULY 21,2003 – dot software is pleased to announce the release of
Cookie Muncher 1.0.5. Cookie muncher is a cookie manager that deletes
all your cookies, but the ones that you want to keep. Cookie Muncher
supports 5 browsers: Camino, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, and
OmniWeb. Cookie Muncher can also edit cookie values, delete expired
cookies, and delete all your cookies, except for the ones that you
want to keep, when you log in to your Mac OS X user account.

Key Features:
– Support for 5 browsers
– Delete all your cookies but the ones that you want
– Search for cookies by domain
– Set cookies when you login to your Mac OS X user account
– Edit and view cookie values

What’s new in 1.0.5:
– Bug Fixes
– Fixed crashing problems related to managing cookies with Internet Explorer.
-Support for OmniWeb updated.

More information about Cookie Muncher can be found at
http://www.dotsw.com/cookiemuncher.html and Cookie Muncher can be
downloaded directly from http://www.dotsw.com/cookiemuncher105.sit