Jiiva announces the release of SuperScrubber Version 1.1, making disk
sanitization for the Mac now up to 50% faster.

Beaverton, OR (June 30, 2003) – Jiiva announces the release of
SuperScrubber Version 1.1, making disk sanitization for the Mac now up to
50% faster. SuperScrubber Version 1.1 can perform a military-strength scrub
on a 30 GB hard drive in as little as two hours (depending on your exact
hardware configuration). Additional features in SuperScrubber Version 1.1
include new scrub operations such as a configurable repeat operation; a
double reminder to prevent accidental scrubbing; user interface
enhancements; and updated documentation.

Getting rid of an old Mac? Data on your Mac is recoverable even if you
delete files, trash files, or even reformat your hard drive. Identity and
intellectual property thefts are on the rise and a used computer is a
goldmine of information for a crook or a hacker. Protect your data on your
home and business computers. Protect your privacy. Erase the risk with
SuperScrubber. Permanently remove data from your Mac’s hard drive or a
chosen partition with SuperScrubber’s military-strength disk sanitization
for just $29.99.

SuperScrubber is distributed on a bootable CD containing Mac OS X, allowing
you to scrub your entire hard drive without the hassle of external drives.
SuperScrubber runs on any Mac capable of running Mac OS X (10.2.3) but OS X
does NOT have to be installed on your computer.

Who needs SuperScrubber? Every person or business that has a computer or
external hard disk with files on it containing data they consider to be
private, confidential, or just not for sharing should use SuperScrubber to
clean their computer prior to giving it away, selling it, or otherwise
releasing it from their control. Why? Because deleting files or dragging
them to the trash doesn’t permanently delete those files. They are still
accessible using computer data recovery tools. Many business computers
contain client contact data, graphics and artwork, accounting records, HR
and payroll files, marketing plans, product research and development
documents, emails, sales figures, medical records, student grades and
progress reports, etc. Personal computers can be filled with private data,
too, including emails, address books, tax returns, budgets, photos, and
order confirmations from online purchases which often contain a credit card
number along with an address and other personal identification. “With so
much information stored on our computers these days, we all have to be
proactive and protect our data at work and at home. You can’t just assume
everyone else out there is a nice guy,” says Jiiva’s president Mark

SuperScrubber is available for purchase from store.jiiva.com. For more
information, to test drive a demo, or to see screen shots, please visit

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