Apple has updated its Hot Deals section with the latest offerings from MacWarehouse and O’Reilly. MacWarehouse has great prices on the 17″ Envision 1280×1024 CRT monitor (US$115.95), 17″ Power User 1280×1024 CRT monitor ($89.95), 15″ CTX 1024×768 LCD ($299.95), 15″ AG Neovo 1024×768 LCD ($269.95), Lexmark T420d 21ppm laser printer ($549.95), and Canon Optura 10 Mini DV camcorder ($799.95). O’Reilly has great deals on many of its highly-popular titles, including “Mac OS X for Unix Geeks,” “Learning Unix for Mac OS X, 2nd Edtion,” “Mac OS X Hacks,” “Mac OS X for Java Geeks” and “iPhoto 2: The Missing Manual.”