MacHack: Scott Knaster, Superstar Author, Industry Veteran, Microsoft
Escapee to Egg On Unstoppable Conference

For Immediate Release
Mac tech-writing legend to deprive MacHack 18 attendees of sleep using
unprecedented Vervays(TM) technology

June 5, 2003-Dearborn, MI- MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge
Developers today announced that Scott Knaster, famed author and really nice
guy, will deliver the Thursday night keynote address for this year’s 18th
annual conference.

Best known for his cult classic Macintosh programming books, Scott started
writing about the Mac the very month it shipped, January 1984. Scott’s book
How To Write Macintosh Software was required reading for Mac programmers
for more than a decade, and his groundbreaking Macintosh Programming
Secrets remains a cult classic. Scott’s books have been translated into
several languages, including Japanese and Pascal.

Scott’s keynote will be presented using an interactive and highly
experimental format, codenamed Vervays(TM), and may contain amusing
anecdotes, snack foods, live quizzes, and other innovative features. (Note:
the Vervays(TM) icon and t-shirts will be available soon.)

Scott was Developer Technical Support manager at Apple, wrote technical
documentation for General Magic and Microsoft, and is now a columnist for
MacTech Magazine and a freelance writer. Scott may be the only person in
the world to have 5-year awards from Apple, General Magic, and Microsoft.

Scott has every issue of Mad Magazine, which explains a lot.

MacHack 18 will take place June 19-21, 2003, in Dearborn, Michigan. For
more information, visit