RadTech today released silicone display cushions and new service tools for Apple’s new 12″ and 17″ aluminum-cased PowerBooks. The Series 2 Wildeepz Display Cushions (US$15.95), redesigned for the new portables, provide protection against contact, wear and abrasion of the display bezel, top case and LCD viewing surface. They also effectively remove all free play from the latched display while keeping the screen safely elevated, and away from, keycaps, trackpad button and palm rests. In the service tools department, RadTech has added a #00 Precision Philips driver and a 1.5mm hex wrench. The micro-sized Philips driver is necessary for removal of the cap screws securing the RAM access panel in the new PowerBooks, while the 1.5mm hex wrench fits the socket head cap screws located elsewhere on the exterior of the laptops.