Our friends at O’Reilly let us know that they are accepting entries for the second round of the “Mac OS X Innovators Contest,” which seeks “innovative Mac OS X applications, plug-ins, user interface widgets, or other creative original software.” Entries are judged on “ease of use, adherence to the Mac OS X Human Interface Guidelines, use of Mac OS X technologies, and last, but definitely not least, innovation.” First prize (worth nearly US$5,000) is an ADC Premier membership, a pass to the O’Reilly Mac OS X Conference in Santa Clara, CA (October 27-30, 2003), and a one-year subscription to O’Reilly’s online book service, Safari. Entries must be submitted by June 16, 2003. The Round Two winners will be announced at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon on July 7-11. Round One of the Mac OS X Innovators Contest wrapped up with the announcement of the winners at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference on April 24. Brent Simmons’ NetNewsWire and Robb Beal’s Spring were chosen from a field of over 100 entries.