*** FOR RELEASE 6 MAY 2003 ***

Mark/Space, Inc. Announces Missing Sync for Palm – Enhanced Mac OS X
Support for Palm OS Handhelds


Inc., makers of Mac OS, Palm OS, and Pocket PC software proudly announces
The Missing Sync for Palm OS. Macintosh users can now mount the SD or MMC
card loaded in the handheld on the Mac OS X desktop to move files, backup
data, and more. The Missing Sync also gives Mac users something Windows
users don’t have – integrated support for photos and music. Import and
Export images to your handheld from within iPhoto. View your pictures with
SplashPhoto by SplashData – included with purchase. Treat your Palm OS
handheld as a source in iTunes. Load your SD or MMC card with songs, then
listen to them on your Tungsten T with AeroPlayer by Aerodrome Software –
included with purchase!

The Missing Sync for Palm OS Includes:
– Desktop Mounting – Mount your SD/MMC card on the Mac OS X desktop as
an external ‘drive’
– iPhoto – Import and Export photos between iPhoto and your handheld
– iTunes – Use your mp3 capable handheld as an iTunes source

Bundled Software:
– SplashPhoto Image Viewer – A $10 value, View images on your Palm OS
handheld with this award-winning application from SplashData, Inc.
– AeroPlayer – Listen to MP3 encoded songs with AeroPlayer from
Aerodrome Software
– Coupons worth up to $40 for discounts on popular applications
and accessories for handhelds

– Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher with built-in USB
– Palm OS Handheld with USB and VFS (see below)
(Note: AeroPlayer requires Palm Tungsten-T)

Supported Devices:
– Palm Tungsten T
– Palm Tungsten W
– Palm m500, m505, m515, i705
– AlphaSmart Dana
– Kyocera 7135
– More devices added all the time; check
(http://www.markspace.com/ms_palm_requirements.html) for the latest
supported devices

Pricing and Availability:
– Available now!
– Demo version available (http://www.markspace.com/)
– $29.95 download available at (http://store.markspace.com)

About Mark/Space, Inc.
Founded October 1990 and in the Palm OS Economy since 1997, Mark/Space
focuses on mobile and wireless software and solutions for Palm OS, Mac OS,
and Pocket PC. Products include The Missing Sync (OS X support for Sony
CLIE), Missing Sync for Samsung, Missing Sync for Palm OS, Missing Sync for
Pocket PC, Mark/Space Mobile Office (fax, email, SMS, sketch pad and phone
manager for Palm OS), DataCord serial data cables for handheld devices, and
Online (VT100 Terminal Emulation, Telnet client, data logger, and file
transfer for Palm OS). Mark/Space also provides contract and OEM software
development services ranging from applications, to firmware, to conduits.
Recent clients include Palm, Ideo, RioPort, HandMark, Socket Communications
and Novatel Wireless. For more information on Mark/Space, Inc., please
visit www.markspace.com