Protect your Apple Pro Keyboard with the iSkin ProTouch

TORONTO, Canada–May 6, 2003– ackNOWLEDGE today announced the iSkin
ProTouch. A new and innovative way to protect your Apple computer’s
keyboard against damage. The iSkin ProTouch is a durable, made-to-fit
silicone skin that sits above the Apple Pro Keyboard protecting it against
dust, dirt, finger oils and spills that lead to wear, damage or malfunction.

Unlike other keyboard protectors, the iSkin ProTouch is made of soft,
flexible high-grade silicone. It s custom molded to fit the contours of the
Apple Pro Keyboard’s keys, allowing users to type freely without ever
having to remove the protector. The ProTouch is easy to apply and can be
removed and washed if dirt buildup occurs.

The iSkin ProTouch is designed for users who want to protect their
investment without sacrificing the look and feel of their Apple product.
When placed on the Apple Pro Keyboard, the iSkin ProTouch’s grips to each
key and creates a comfortable and natural typing experience.

The iSkin ProTouch is perfect for home, corporate and industrial
environments. It is available in nine frosted, translucent Skin Tones
(colors) that add a splash of color to the iMac, eMac or PowerMac’s Pro

The iSkin ProTouch colors include: White Frost, Blue Mist, Cherry Pop,
BubbleGum, Abyss, Aqua, LimeLight, Lemonade and Creamsicle.

The iSkin ProTouch sells for $35.99 USD and will be available online at and in stores shortly after. For more information
regarding the iSkin Protouch and other iSkin products visit:

ackNOWLEDGE first introduced the iSkin iPod Protector and has since
released additional protective gear for Apple computers. ackNOWLEDGE is
committed to delivering user friendly protective products for computer
devices and small consumer electronics.

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