Inventive, Inc. announces the release of iClip 2, a multi-clipboard/
scrapbook utility for Mac OS X.

iClip is a utility that helps you get past the limitations of having a
single Clipboard. It allows you to quickly copy & paste and drag & drop
clippings to and from its multiple “clipping bins” so that you can easily
access them in the applications you’re using. The clippings can be of
various types such as text, pictures, Internet locations, sounds, and more.
Clippings can be organized into unlimited groups called “clipping sets” to
help you keep all of your clippings neatly arranged. Since the Scrapbook
application that was in older Mac OS versions isn’t a part of Mac OS X,
iClip can conveniently serve as a replacement for it.

What’s new in version 2.0:

– ability to organize clippings into groups called “clipping sets”
– improved support of clippings from Adobe Illustrator and other vector
graphics editing applications
– updated Copy and Paste button icons make it easier to identify the
button function at a glance
– iClip now becomes the active application when an empty area is clicked
in the iClip window
– the expanded/collapsed state of the iClip window is now remembered when
the application is opened
– improved user manual navigation
– showing the iClip window if it was hidden is now significantly faster
– various minor bug fixes and enhancements

iClip is available now for Mac OS X. It can be tried out for free and can
be purchased for $19.95. More information on iClip can be found at: