April 25, 2003


Free application for Lasso Professional 6 users speeds process of creating
robust reports on MySQL data

Bellevue, WA–April 25, 2003–Blue World Communications, Inc.–pioneers of
the Web Data Engine(tm)–today shipped Lasso Reporter 6, a new tool for
quickly creating robust reports from data contained within MySQL databases.
Lasso Reporter is a LassoApp which can be freely used on servers running
Lasso Professional 6, Blue World’s leading Web application server for
creative professionals.

“Collecting large quantities of data is totally useless unless you have a
way in which to easily generate meaningful reports,” said Bill Doerrfeld,
CEO of Blue World. “With Lasso Reporter, knowledge workers have a solution
which makes it very easy to quickly build robust reports from most any set
of data, with zero programming required. By allowing knowledge workers to
take control of data themselves, organizations can dramatically increase
their productivity while reducing IT costs.”

Lasso Reporter empowers business professionals to make sense of data by
building custom reports without having to hire a programmer or utilize
their organization’s limited information technology resources. Lasso
Reporter allows Lasso developers to spend less time building custom reports
for their clients and more time developing innovative solutions.

“Lasso Reporter was born out of a real knowledge management need within our
own company as we migrated from an old workgroup database system to a new
system and no longer had access to intuitive, GUI-based tools for quickly
building reports,” said Bill Doerrfeld. “In fact, the lack of easy
reporting tools is one key reason why many knowledge workers hold off on
migrating their solutions to more robust database systems. With Lasso
Reporter, that barrier is removed. Lasso Reporter brings the same
ease-of-use for report generation found in leading workgroup database
products to MySQL databases.”

Lasso Reporter Overview

Lasso Reporter allows multiple users to log-in to create and securely view
their own private reports along with reports to be shared with others.
Reports contain a header, footer and body area where data can be
summarized, sorted, and calculated by individual groups or by the total
found set. For example, a report can be quickly created which groups
together and sorts all records in a specified date range based on a
“product” field, summarizes the total sales for each product, and shows the
total number of units sold for each product. An unlimited number of
user-defined custom reports can be created, and existing reports can be
quickly recalled for edits and enhancements.

Lasso Reporter Features

Multi-User Security – Multiple users can log-in to create and view reports
for databases and tables for which they have been granted access in Lasso
Administration. Private reports are easily distinguished from those
accessible to others.

Unlimited Dynamic Reports – An unlimited number of custom report formats
can be created and stored. The content of reports changes dynamically with
each report run as data within the found set changes. Default report
settings enable users to instantly create and publish reports.

Export and Print – Reports can be exported for additional processing in
other applications or printed from within Lasso Reporter.

Custom Queries – Each report can be based on a found set of records
established via multiple queries on several database fields, each
controlled by a full collection of query operators and logical comparison
operators. The query criteria can also be displayed in the report.

Grouping and Sorting – The found set from compound queries can be grouped
(e.g. creating sub-summaries) and sorted in ascending and descending order.
Grouped field summaries can be displayed by themselves or along with all
records within each group.

Date Ranges – Several built-in date range options speed the specification
of precise date ranges. Date ranges for reports may be conveniently
displayed within the header or footer of the report.

Localization Display Options – The preferred display format for dates and
currency can be customized.

Grand Totals and Sub-Totals – Both leading and trailing grand total
summaries can be inserted within report headers or footers respectively.
Sub-totals and running totals can appear in group section headers and
report columns within the body of the report. Summaries can be calculated
based on averages, sum total, maximum value, minimum value, record count
and more.

Display Options – Labels, field items, header/footer items, group header
items, group column items and more can be individually modified and shown
or hidden as required. The display order and size for items is customizable.

Quick Installation and Setup – Lasso Reporter is quickly installed simply
by dragging and dropping the Lasso Reporter LassoApp (a single- file
encrypted application) into your Web documents folder on your server
running Lasso Professional 6. Set up is accomplished by selecting the
“Initialize” button in the Setup area which automatically creates the
preferences table where all report settings are stored.

Requirements and Availability

Lasso Reporter requires a single-user or multi-user version of Lasso
Professional 6 which includes a built-in Lasso MySQL database from which
reports may be derived. Reports may also be created based on data contained
within any external MySQL databases. Lasso Reporter operates on all
platforms supported by Lasso Professional 6, including Mac OS X 10.2
(Jaguar), Windows 2000/XP and Red Hat Linux 7.3.

Lasso Reporter 6 is immediately available for download via the Lasso
Reporter Web site at
( Lasso Reporter is
available for free use by registered customers of Lasso Professional 6 and
Lasso Studio 6 products.

Live Demo, Slide Show and Additional Information

An online live demo of Lasso Reporter is currently running on the Blue
World Web site along with a slide show overview of the Lasso Reporter
interface. The demo, slide show and additional information are collectively
accessible via the Lasso Reporter Web site at

About Blue World

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