Copernican Technologies, Inc. Releases Boswell=AE 3.1 For Mac OS X

SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, APRIL 14, 2003 — Copernican Technologies, Inc.
today released a new OS X version of their highly innovative Macintosh
application, Boswell 3.1.

Boswell is ideal for all “word workers” including journalists, novelists,
screenplay writers, marketing communications professionals, executive
recruiters, researchers, technical writers, business people, government
professionals, and students.

Boswell flexibly archives, organizes, manipulates, and retrieves any text
you give it: original writings, e-mail, instant messages, web clippings,
research, and class notes among others. When they are “Boswellized” they
become items that can be automatically cross referenced among thousands of
categories, grouped, sorted, and searched in very powerful ways. Boswell is
like hiring a professional librarian to manage a huge archive of your very
own, but one that works with the efficiency of a computer.

Boswell 3.1 runs under Mac OS X, as well as System 9, and may now be
purchased for only $99.95.

For online purchasing as well as more information on Boswell, please visit
the “Home of Boswell=AE” web site at Corporate
information regarding Copernican Technologies, Inc. can be found at