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Unique design is self-powered and controlled by iPod’s wired remote

NASHVILLE, TN – April 23, 2003. Griffin Technology Inc, innovator of
exciting hardware and software products for the Mac and PC market, today
unveiled iFM, the world’s first FM radio for the iPod. The Griffin iFM adds
an FM radio to the iPod in one integrated sharp package that utilizes the
iPod’s own remote for its controls. Settings include room for six preset
stations, station scan up or down, volume control and muting as well as
manual tuning. Whether traveling or jogging around the block, the iFM gives
iPod users the ability to check the news, weather or listen to their
favorite radio programs – in addition to their collection of music in their
iPod. The iFM works with all iPods and requires the iPod wired remote
control that’s included with all currently shipping 10 and 20 GB iPods.

“The only thing missing from the near perfect iPod was a radio. The iFM
adds this in a design that’s so unique it has to be seen to be believed.”
said Paul Griffin, CEO Griffin Technology. “True, I have all the music I
want in my iPod but if want to hear NPR or need a weather report its great
to now have that option with my iPod and iFM.”

The iFM connects directly to the iPod via its headphone jack. It then
incorporates a clever design that actually imbeds the iPod’s remote into
the case of the iFM itself. When inserted, the two separate pieces appear
to become one complete unit. Headphones plug into the remote as usual. The
difference is the iPod remote is now captured within the iFM. The tiny iFM
attaches to almost anything via a belt clip on the back, similar yet more
versatile than the iPod’s own remote clip. Powered by the iPod, no
batteries are ever necessary.

Switched on, iFM disables the iPod’s music and makes use of the remote’s
buttons for its own controls. Users interact with the radio via audio
navigation. They can scan for available radio stations and save up to six
presets that will kept in memory – even when iFM is disconnected and not in
use. When iFM is switched off, the remote and the iPod return to their
normal functions.

Pricing & Availability

The Griffin Technology iFM – FM Radio for the iPod is priced $35 USD and
will begin shipping in 8-12 weeks. Preorders are now being accepted at

About Griffin Technology, Inc.

Since 1992, Griffin Technology has been an innovator of exciting hardware
and software products for the Personal Computer market. Griffin currently
manufactures numerous innovative USB, video, audio, serial, and ADB
adapters for the PC and Mac. This includes the award winning and unique USB
controller, the PowerMate.