EVX_AddressBook 1.0 final candidate 1 is available.

EVX_AddressBook is a 4D plugin for 4D 2003 MacOS X that proposes a set of
4D methods that connect your 4D applications to the Jaguar built in Apple
Address Book.

Using EVX_AddressBook, you can set/get Address Book properties (including
pictures) directly from 4D as well as import/export contacts as VCARD. You
can even take the benefit of Address Book Palm/T68i devices synchronisation
(through iSync).

EVX_AddressBook is immediately available at our online store priced USD 99
with a “No Hassle” (unlimited) license.

More information : http://www.exenevex.com/next/us/prod.php?id=3D8

or sales@exenevex.com


St=E9phane Pinel
Exenevex SA