New update of SQL4X Manager J 2.5 available – more than 80 new features
make database management with Mac OS X a snap

Product Description: SQL4X Manager J is a comprehensive graphical Interface
for web and database developers to access any JDBC compliant database
server. You can choose between a terminal-like graphical SQL Console with
SQL syntax coloring and table name auto-completion to execute your own SQL
commands and a fully graphical schema and table browser with an integrated
data editor and Image/RTF viewer for binary data.

SQL4X Manager J includes a wide variety of graphical assistants, i.e. to
create and modify table definitions, manage SQL views, import and export
data and create SQL queries.

SQL4X Manager J automatically recognizes your database server and displays
status views, assistants and managers for all common tasks based on your
current selection.

SQL4X Manager J fully supports MS SQL Server 2000, MySQL, Oracle 7/8/9i,
PostgreSQL, OpenBase and Sybase with special assistants, managers and
pre-configured status views. Basic support is available for IBM DB2, MS SQL
Server 7, PrimeBase and any other JDBC compliant database server. For
important notes on how to upgrade from previous releases of SQL4X Manager J

What’s new in this version: This release includes more than 80 new
features. A full list is available at The most important new
features are:

* integrated status views for server, user, database and table status

* graphically create and alter table definitions

* graphically manage your indexes

* MySQL: manage users and access privileges

* MySQL: check, analyze, repair and optimize tables

* Oracle: SQL Console support for SQL*Plus commands

* graphically create and modify SQL views

* enhanced assistant to easily create and manage database connections

* passwords for database connections are now stored in the Mac OS X Keychain

* many enhancements to the SQL Console to easily transfer query results to
other applications (like MS Excel)

* graphically create simple queries

* store and organize your favorite queries like web browser favorites

* enhanced BLOB editor to display images and rtf stored in BLOB and BINARY

* special features for major database servers (i.e. the Oracle Object
Manager retrieves PL/SQL sources for Stored Procedures, Triggers, etc. for
easy manipulation; PL/SQL compile errors are displayed in a drawer)
A free trial release of the new SQL4X Manager J 2.5 can be downloaded at