=2Ecom Solutions Inc. releases FmPro Migrator 1.23 – Adds support for
FileMaker=AE Pro to MySQL migration.

FmPro Migrator has been updated to support the migration of FileMaker Pro
database structure and data to MySQL databases. This updated version of
FmPro Migrator provides a simple user interface to enable database
developers to quickly migrate from FileMaker Pro to MySQL.

The migration of FileMaker Pro numeric, date, time and JPEG container field
data is supported with FmPro Migrator STD Edition. Adding support for MySQL
database migrations makes it possible for FileMaker Pro customers to
quickly and accurately migrate data to MySQL databases located at their
ISP. FileMaker Pro customers can now economically host FileMaker Pro data
on the internet even if their ISP does not directly support FileMaker Pro
database hosting.

FmPro Migrator STD Edition includes the following features: — Migration o=
large text fields and image data to MySQL – FileMaker Pro database fields
containing more than 255 characters of text are migrated to MySQL TEXT
columns – supporting up to 65535 characters per record. JPEG Image data
within FileMaker Pro container fields is migrated directly to MySQL
LongBLOB columns through a network connection. No manual data entry is
required for processing either of these specialized datatypes.

— Support for specifying stand-alone FileMaker Pro solutions files –
Migration scripts and database structure reports may also be generated for
stand-alone FileMaker Pro solution applications compiled for the MacOS

— Processing of up to 50 open FileMaker Pro databases – Migration scripts
and documentation files are generated for all open FileMaker Pro database
files. This feature can be utilized to quickly produce documentation of
database structure for large numbers of existing FileMaker Pro solutions.

For more info please see:
http://www.dotcomsolutionsinc.net/products/fmpro_migrator/index.html FmPro
Migrator utilizes specialized features of MacOS X, therefore it is
available only for MacOS X.

A free demo version of FmPro Migrator may be downloaded from