For Immediate Release: April 10, 2003, Arlington, Texas

Thursby Software Systems announces ADmitMac

Thursby Software Systems announces ADmitMac, a new Mac OS X v10.2.x
software solution that allows Macintosh computers to participate in
Microsoft networks. “Now Macintosh computers using Mac OS X can be easily
integrated into Microsoft networks that are based on Active Directory and
even older domain services,” said Thursby President, George Colley. ” And
the really great thing is that this can be accomplished securely with no
increased workload for the administrator.” With ADmitMac, users’ home
directories can be kept on Microsoft servers and are all managed from one
place (the directory). Users may log into Macs or PCs using the same
account and password and have full access to their files and desktop

ADmitMac benefits:

* Installs on the Mac – no Active Directory schema changes required
* Supports Windows login security restrictions
* Administrators can easily manage Macs in their Microsoft Windows domain,
no special training needed
* Allows users to easily change passwords
* Also supports NTFS file format…does not need to create double files
* Provides secure access using Kerberos
* Supports Microsoft Distributed File System
* Preserves user’s custom desktop and documents no matter which computer
they log into
* Provides print client for connecting to Windows printers
* Offers complete interoperability with Services for Macintosh
* Works with older NT directory services
* Perfect for computer labs, or corporate networks where security is a
major concern
* Stand alone product, no other software required

ADmitMac is currently completing beta testing and is scheduled for release
in May.

For pricing and details, contact sales at or call sales
at 817-478-5070.

If you are interested in being added to the beta test, go to for more information.

Thursby Software Systems has been developing, supporting and marketing a
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